Preparation and First Partner Orginization

Brazil-US puzzle 2


One of the most wonderful parts of taking off on a trip of this magnitude is connecting with people.  When Bart and I share our plan with friends and family, people get excited.  Many folks have advice or stories about their own travels, and I’m convinced that with the exception of food, travel is the surest conversation topic that anyone can get excited about.  I want to thank everyone who has shared advice, stories, or moral support for this journey.

The inspiration for this trip originally stems from a 2006 adventure I shared with my good friend Kevin Stewart.  In 2006, Kevin and I saved up and took three months to travel from Portugal to Germany for the FIFA World Cup hosted by Germany.  We had a blast!  In the years sense, we vowed to attempt a similar adventure and Brazil 2014 became it.  Unfortunately Kevin will be unable to join Bart and I this time, but life is full of opportunities.

In the past few months, Bart and I have accelerated our planning and preparation.  In addition to reaching out to friends, family, and international organizations and sponsors, we have begun to outfit our vehicle, Bart’s Subaru Baja, apply for visas, and plan our route.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us prepare equipment and logistics to date.

We are looking forward to connecting with communities along the road to Brazil.  The One World Futbol Project, an organization that makes indestructible soccer balls for kids in impoverished communities, has already committed to provide us with balls to give out to kids along the way.  This journey is about more than an adventure; it’s about sharing our love of soccer, our desire to understand our world, and our passion to connect with people.

As we continue to prepare for our departure in March, we look forward to hearing from you.  Big thanks to everyone for their ideas, stories, and support.

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