Prepping the Subie


Adam and I have been working quite a bit on various logistics on this trip.   We have two more months left before we kick off to South America.  What does this mean?  I put in my notice at my job with my last day being March 14th.  I’m currently looking for somebody to sublet my apartment while I’m gone.  I need to start the paper work for my visa to Brazil.  We’re also reaching out to a couple contacts for possible partnerships.

In the meantime, I’m busy prepping my Subaru Baja.  It’s a bit of an odd choice to drive 13,000 miles but it’s the car I have and I know it pretty well.  I just recently changed the timing belt, even though I have about another 10,000 miles, but I trust the mechanics at Auto Tech Services in Adams Morgan in D.C. and I don’t know if there are many mechanics that can service my car in Central and South America.  Anyways, a couple months ago, I purchased a rooftop tent from Tepui Tents.  These tents are designed to be deployed on the roof the car, with half of the tent hanging out.  Google it, it’s a pretty cool concept.  I’ve used these things when my family camped in Saudi Arabia, where I use to live, and in South Africa, basically the birthplace of rooftop tents.  The advantage of having a rooftop tent is the ease of setting it up (it takes less than 10 minutes) and being able to set it up anywhere.  This means, if we can park behind a gas station and set it up, something I’ve done in the past.  So recently, I test fitted the rooftop tent on my Subaru Baja.  I had to install an aftermarket ladder rack in order to fit the tent on my truck cap.

Varol and Z working working on my rooftop tent and roof rack

Varol and Z working working on my rooftop tent and roof rack

It was a relatively cold Sunday and Varol and Z (my sister) were nice enough to help me out with the installation of my rooftop tent.  I thought it would take a couple hours, 3 at most to get everything done.  Five hours later, we finally were able to install the rooftop tent and we lost daylight.  But everybody was happy.

Varol and Z enjoying our hard work!

Varol and Z enjoying our hard work!

When we finally set up the tent, we unfortunately found a small hole.  I don’t know who it got there.  It probably happened during shipping or when it was manufactured.  I sent Tepui a picture of the hole and they promptly send me a patch kit and a t-shirt.  Now I need to sew the patch in and the tent should be good to go!  

The unfortunate defect.  Tepui sent me a patch kit to mend it.

The unfortunate defect. Tepui sent me a patch kit to mend it.

So that’s what’s going on right now.  I’m just counting down the days!

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